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What is an OLMC Small Church Group?
        o A small group of OLMC parishioners meeting regularly with the goal of bridging their Catholic faith
and day-to-day lives. Reflecting on the upcoming Sunday Liturgy of the Word in the context of their
family, work and daily activities these communities provide members an avenue for spiritual growth
and encourage faith in action.

Who belongs in an OLMC Small Church Group?
        o OLMC parishioners who are 18 years and older, from all walks of life and various levels of Catholic
faith formation. Typical groups are made up of 8-10 individuals, formed by a mix of couples,
singles and age ranges. In addition, in an OLMC Small Church where members have children,
arrangements may be made to have alternative activities and appropriate supervision of the
children during the meetings.

How is a typical OLMC Small Church run?
        o One member of the Small Church group takes on the role of administrative lead, sending out email
meeting reminders, coordinating facilitator and dessert schedules, and other group reminders. This
role can be rotated with others. Once comfortable with the facilitation of meetings, members can
rotate as discussion facilitators.
        o We begin with prayer and music to focus the participants. Group members read the upcoming
Sunday readings out loud (augmented by reflection guidance/questions from Fr. Saroki). An
associated reflection narrative and questions may also be reviewed to promote discussion. The
facilitator encourages and manages the discussion on how the Liturgical message resonates with
their life experiences and faith journey though is not expected to teach.
        o Sessions are closed in prayer. The meeting often concludes over a dessert or snack, beverages
and socializing, though this also may precede the meeting.
        o Meetings are one to one and a half hours in length.

Where do OLMC Small Church groups gather?
    o Similar to the meetings of the very early Christian church; in the homes of the members. Rotating
between various members´┐Ż homes is typical.

When do OLMC Small Church groups gather?
    o It is up to each Small Church group to coordinate what days and times work best. The frequency
that seems to work best and is preferred by Father Saroki is about twice a month. A schedule is
chosen that all agree they can commit to (e.g. the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30p).

Why is joining an OLMC Small Church group a good idea?
    o Participation in a OLMC Small Church groups fosters tangible connections between daily life and
our faith.
    o OLMC Small Church groups will help to transform the parish into a stronger community of faith in a
manner that is consistent with the teachings of Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church.
    o Within the OLMC Small Church ministry individuals are able to experience the love, support and
sense of community that fosters living the Gospel in our contemporary society.

How Do You Join an OLMC Small Church group?
    o Discuss it with your spouse and family & talk with others you know who may want to join or form an
OLMC Small Church group.
    o Then share your contact info plus preferred meeting days/times with the OLMC Small Church
Coordinator, Diana Martini at olmcscc.coordinator@gmail.com or 858-442-8502, and she will
arrange for you to join a group, as well as arrange for facilitator training for those interested.